Patrizia Bonardi

Social themes in  my work

E n v i r o n m e n t a l i s m

I realized that environmentalism includes a very important energy and a collective participation. My job focuses on the common aim of protecting the planet and the mankind's future. Many jobs are the result of a participation that pushed itself up to the active commitment on the territory, and that made me verify personally how many political compromises are constantly “on the agenda”.

The projects Cura, The immobility of tree, Marea nera,, All is water, Nature scene and Hands in black water are the result of that experience.

S o c i a l   E m e r g e n c i e s

With the pressure of the social crisis, solicitations became so strong that the sociological view is everywhere even if not directly declared. Due to the urgency of an answer to the solicitations that comes from several fronts and in a ever more intense way, some projects are born.

Fabbrica Italia, a work that takes fierce from Stefano Taccone's blog “Comincia Adesso”; The Raft sea, that took inspiration from the speech of the Lampedusa's mayor about the many shipwrecks reports of the displaced North Africans.; the reality of another earthquake like the Emilia's one, made me cross the doorway of a town that is still a ghost of itself, L'Aquila, and made me shoot Walking inside the silence, giving echo to the wound of its inhabitants.

In general, the feeling of confusion, that disorients and empties, permeates these grey times, giving life to a lot of my projects, in particular to my videos, which are full of this dimension. Works like Water’s expectation, Lasting, Giddiness, Getting involved  Moving inside.

We should find the power to change, however we are on each-other's back, without looking for the ethic strength that could take us to a decent cohabitation. That's why I imagine me with the work C Countercurrent together with my likes, in a organic, primordial magma, where we just try to survive, unable to up the current.


Translator Silvia Corna